018976 Barcelona, Castellfollit del Boix - € 1.830.000

3000 m² 365,0ha 6 2

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Large property of about 365 Ha approximate extension (902 ac). 45 minutes from BARCELONA (Catalonia, Spain)
House/Tower stone façade dated MDCX
11 minor farmhouses
Ermita de Sant Marc Vell
3,000 m2 total building
100 HA arable land and rest of Woods and pastures

It is located in the agricultural and livestock production mosaic classic of the Bages area, former socioeconomic system adapted to the particular physic-biologic conditions for the low and medium Mediterranean mountains, whose influence remains today in the landscape. Access is not difficult. Any type of vehicle will take you to the main house known as Mas Palomas, which gives its name to the farm. It is an extensive farm predominantly sloping areas related to evolution scrub forest, forest growth and mature forest physiognomic ally. Its climate is Mediterranean and the average annual rainfall is about 600 l/m2, suffering summer drought, characteristic of this type of climate.
The zones with flatter slopes traditionally were used for rain fed cereal production for livestock and human consumption, exceeding in good time a 100 hectares cultivated. Almost the entire territory was seized as pasture for sheep: both the mature forest as their intermediate states of evolution (pasture grasses and woody shrubs) offer herbaceous and woody species usable by wildlife (hunting) and domestic livestock, exploited in semi-extensive regime for centuries.

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T: +34 646 628 222
E: info@rusticportal.com


€ 1.830.000
Castellfollit del Boix
Type de propriété
Propriété à rénover
Type de construction
Bestaande bouw
3000 m²
Chambres (à coucher)
Salles de bains
Etiquette énergie
Dans la demande


L'emplacement est le approximative

[ { "address": "018976 0", "zipCode": "", "city": "Castellfollit del Boix", "lat": 41.6658732, "lng": 1.6842693, "heading": 0, "pitch": 0 } ]

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